All-In-One Smart Hospital Management Software in EMR

OPD & IPD Management
Smart hospital management software simplifies the opd & ipd management. it reduces your workload, saving you time, and limiting costs.

Patients can receive prescriptions in digital format and avoid writing. It saves time and paper.

Nothing more comfortable for a patient then the possibility of scheduling their appointments online through patient portal and website.

Smartly manage the billing. Smart Hospital Manager has inbuilt payment gateways to collect the payments online.

The Most Affordable Smart Hospital Management System in EMR

Tired of monthly software payments? Never pay monthly again. Smart Hospital Manager is a most affordable self hosted Hospital Management Software in EMR. Just pay once & forget about paying monthly/annual fees.

  • Unlimited Doctor, Patient & Staff Accounts
  • Unlimited Appointments & Beds
  • OPD, IPD, OT, Pharmacy & more

The Complete Hospital & Clinic Management Software Specially designed for hospital, clinic & specialists

As a healthcare provider, you want one thing above all is to treat your patients quickly and efficiently and the our software supports you where you need it by reducing the workload, saving your time, and limiting costs.

Smart hospital software is a flexible system adaptable to the size of your hospital or clinic. Smart hospital software is suitable for any Hospital, Specialists, Doctor or Any type of clinic.

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Everything you need to manage your hospital and clinic

Best Hospital Management Software in EMR packs with all the features required to operate a Hospital or Clinic.


Why do specialists love Smart Hospital Manager?

#1 Smart hospital software EMR simplifies the management tasks of healthcare professionals (specialists). And it is saving you time, space, and efficiency.

Smart EHR Software offers a complete workflow. From making appointments to registering files and taking care of payments.

It includes features like inventory management, financial administration. Payroll and advanced reporting. Everything you need to manage your hospital or clinic, all in one system!

During the consultation, the doctor can view the history of the patient’s visits and the treatments in progress, as well as the history of prescriptions.

The doctor can make prescriptions by a simple click on the add prescription icon.